Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wow-ful Women Wednesday

Oh what dread! I am holding you in suspense. Here it is, after lunch, and I am just now posting this week's video! I am so sorry. I'm sure you had set your alarm to wake early for the sole purpose of being inspired by a Wow-ful Woman or two...

My apologies.

However, without further ado: today's selection.

When asked "What is the first song you sang harmony to?" I will answer "Blessed Assurance." I recall my mom playing that hymn on our organ (oh yeah. We had 2 organs in our house...) and my sister singing lead (of course) and I singing alto. It is one of my very first harmony experiences.

Yet, beside that is the memory of listening to this album on our record player while doing some form of quasi-step aerobic/ jazzercise routine in our basement with the carpeted pillars (sweet).

These women are wowful. As evidence I direct you to their vocal talents, their hair volume, their eye shadow, and outrageous amount of shiny lip gloss. I was hooked. I was starstruck. If I had any hard feelings towards them, it was that they reinforced my belief that only blondes could be in the lime light. And that brunettes had to primarily be in the shadows (yes, my beautiful sister is blonde...I'll begin counselling someday. snort). I wanted to be the third girl (despite the fact I was 5) in ABBA (wow, too bad I can't make that B backwards...).

Enjoy....this is my favourite of all time:

Of course you knew they'd get 2 videos (my second favourite...highly inappropriate for a 5 year old, but I digress)...


timheerebout said...

I can not believe how much of those songs I just listened to.

Barbara said...

I know. The other night I spent much too much time watching these videos. They are just SO good. Too many memories there. Who needs an antenna on the tv when you have ABBA on youtube?

Joy said...

I LOVE that song! Did I mention that I saw Mamma Mia in theatres on my birthday? SO great... I, unlike you, had NEVER heard ABBA or their songs. Oh, sure, I'd done "Dancing Queen" with the girls from highschool in a talent contest, but I had never really listened to any other song of theirs! This one, well, you know... it takes it all. " I don't want to talk about things we've gone through... " I would pay MONEY for that conversation!
By the by... LOVED actually seeing you... hugging you... talking to you... being in the same room with you... LOOKING AT YOU! I can't wait for next Thursday. You are dear to me. :)