Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wow-ful Women Wednesdays

I've decided to go out on a limb here and post something a little heavier this week. We've been pretty calm and delicate here lately and I felt like showing a whole different kind of Wow today. Really hope I don't lose half my readership over this: having only 2 readers would be sad.

Without further ado, here is Natalie Grant singing "I Will Not Be Moved". It is loud and rocky. The lyrics are brilliant. She is very wow-ful, as is her back up singer. If I had one complaint about this video, it is that the camera work is a little too ADHD for my liking, but this is about vocals, not cinematography so I can overlook it if you can.

I even have a jacket similar to hers that I intend to wear some Sunday. I will not, however, be wearing the fingerless gloves. I'm just not there yet. (she says, stating the obvious).

I have been the wayward child
I have acted out
I have questioned Sovereignty
And had my share of doubt
And though sometimes my prayers feel like
They're bouncing off the sky
The hand I hold won't let me go
And is the reason why...

I will stumble
I will fall down
But I will not be moved
I will make mistakes
I will face heartache
But I will not be moved
On Christ the Solid Rock I stand
All other ground is sinking sand
I will not be moved

Bitterness has plagued my heart
Many times before
My life has been like broken glass
And I have kept the score
Of all my shattered dreams and though it seemed
That I was far too gone
My brokenness helped me to see
It's grace I'm standing on


And the chaos in my life
Has been a badge I've worn
Though I have been torn
I will not be moved

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