Monday, October 20, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... Monday, October 20

Outside My Window... a leaf castle complete with many bedrooms and even a bathroom along with lawn chairs and other stuff that likely should not have been taken out of the garage.

I am thinking... that it is so funny when, at our Christian Homeschool Co-op, our deaf Sign Language teacher talks to me using swear words in front of the students and they have no idea.

I am thankful for... Veggie Tales and the 40 minutes of down time they just gave me as I wind down from said Homeschool Co-op. I *heart* Mondays...

From the kitchen... the call of dishes waiting to go in the dishwasher that I should not have ignored for these last 40 minutes.

I am wearing... a sweater the colour of Kristina's eyes and my favourite trouser jeans.

I am creating... a new set of abs. Can you say "Tae Bo Boot Camp with Billy Blanks"? yikes.

I am going... to not cry with exhaustion the rest of today.

I am reading... way too many blogs.

I am hoping... my husband doesn't have to work late tonight.

I am hearing... my 2 babies not waking up yet. Thank you for nap time.

Around the house... boxes of school books that I should weed through, but can't bear to part with.

One of my favorite things... playing UNO with my kids, and giving them the freedom to be "mean" to me with all their plus 4 cards.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Laundry, painting baseboard and trying not to eat the rest of the Nutella in the cupboard.

A picture thought I'm sharing today: Brothers are Good for Each Other


onfire in PNG said...

somehow, in the midst of it all, you can take my cup and gently force it to tip over, until I see that it is more than enough.

halfpint said...

I am so happy your boys have each other, brotherhood is special :)I like thinking our boys can have fun like Jer and his brother Jeff did. It's great that my girls(it sounds so funny being plural now!) can have sisterhood. Also special (but sometimes rocky ;) at least in those teen years....o.k. and sometimes beyond..p.s you are nice letting your kids do that with UNO, Joseph and I like doing that to each other. Moi ha ha. I remember when I was in labour with Abigail that Jer and I played crazy eights. It helped pass the time. Good thing I won too.....or who knows what might have happened!

Barbara said...

So on Saturday our kids can kick each other's butts in Uno...I love it! Of course we'll have to see the dynamics of who tries to be extra kind letting someone else win in order to score the really important points of respect and so on. Should be fun!